Is Yahoo Finance discontinued? (2024)

Is Yahoo Finance discontinued?

The Yahoo Finance API, which includes the Yahoo Finance app and Yahoo Finance My Portfolio, has been discontinued. As a result, users will need to locate a substitute API to cater to their financial data requirements.

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Why is Yahoo Finance discontinued?

The official Yahoo Finance API was shut down by Yahoo in 2017 due to widespread abuse against their terms of service. The API was designed to be used internally among Yahoo's own properties and was never officially published for external use.

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What is the best alternative to Yahoo Finance?

Comparison Table:
Google FinanceFreeUser-friendly interface
Seeking AlphaFreemiumIn-depth analysis
EOD Historical DataSubscriptionExtensive historical data
Feb 26, 2024

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How do I get my old Yahoo Finance back?

If you prefer the classic Yahoo Finance layout, switch back with a single click.
  1. Go to Yahoo Finance.
  2. To opt in, click Try the new yfinance.
  3. To opt out, click Back to classic yfinance.

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Has Yahoo Finance changed?

Changes include more video programming, a new homepage, personal portfolios of stocks, a customizable dock for easy access to key data, more streamlined layouts for company quote pages, better tracking of industry sectors and industry segments, and a new Compare mode to better do side-by-side evaluations.

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Who owns Yahoo Finance now?

In September 2021, investment funds managed by Apollo Global Management acquired 90% of Yahoo.

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When was Yahoo Finance discontinued?

A: Yahoo Finance API was removed in 2017 following potential cost cutting by the Yahoo team. This made the API become discontinued.

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Can you trust Yahoo Finance?

Yahoo Finance offers accurate and timely data on basic stock information like price, volume, market cap, earnings, dividends, basic ratios, analyst ratings and news. However, the data lacks depth and is not vetted for performance.

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Is Seeking Alpha better than Yahoo Finance?

Seeking Alpha provides more robust stock research tools, exclusive content, and detailed analysis. But Yahoo Finance has advantages for traders and casual investors through market data accessibility, news, and mobile experience. Using both together gives investors the most benefits.

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Why do people use Yahoo Finance?

Yahoo Finance delivers hours of live, daily market coverage, with expert analysis and real-time market data right in the app. It's the place for insight-driven investors, financial professionals and business leaders who take their money seriously.

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Can I recover a 10 year old Yahoo account?

You can only recover a deleted Yahoo account before the 30 days from deletion are up. After that, the account will be gone forever.

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What happened to my old Yahoo email account?

To see if your Yahoo Mail account has been deleted: Go to the Yahoo account recovery page. In the Email address or phone number field, enter your Yahoo email address, then select Continue. If your account was permanently deleted, you see the message, Sorry, we don't recognize that email address or phone number.

Is Yahoo Finance discontinued? (2024)
What happened to my old Yahoo account?

Once you deactivate your Yahoo Mail account, you'll have 30 days to recover it, after which it'll be deleted permanently. You can recover your Yahoo Mail account simply by signing back into your account. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories.

Why did Yahoo go out of business?

As user engagement gradually declined and consumers migrated to other platforms, it failed to take action. The icing on the cake would be the string of controversies that would damage Yahoo's status as a tech giant and ultimately lead to its downfall.

How far back does Yahoo Finance go?

However, there are limits on how far back historic prices can be retrieved: 1 Minute: 7 days back. 5 Minute: 60 days back. 1 Hour: 730 days back.

How do I update my Yahoo Finance data?

From a mobile browser:
  1. Sign in to Yahoo Finance.
  2. Tap the Menu icon .
  3. Tap My Portfolio.
  4. Select the list you want to edit.
  5. Tap My Holdings.
  6. Next to the symbol you want to add a lot to, tap the Expand caret .
  7. Tap Add a transaction.
  8. Enter info for the lot you're adding in the data fields.

Is Yahoo still in business?

Yahoo!, global Internet brand and services provider based in Sunnyvale, California, and owned by Verizon Communications since 2017. It was founded in 1994 by Jerry Yang and David Filo, graduate students at Stanford University in California. Yahoo!

Do people still use Yahoo?

Does anyone still use Yahoo email? Yahoo Mail reported 227.8 Million users in 2023 compared to Gmail with 1.8 billion users. So while Yahoo is used by far fewer people, it's safe to say that it's still a key email player.

Does AOL still exist?

On June 23, 2015, AOL was acquired by Verizon Communications for $4.4 billion. On May 3, 2021, Verizon announced it would sell Yahoo and AOL to private equity firm Apollo Global Management for $5 billion. On September 1, 2021, AOL became part of the new Yahoo! Inc.

How many people use Yahoo Finance?

NEW YORK, November 07, 2023--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Yahoo today announced the rollout of a new design and features for Yahoo Finance, the #1 consumer finance property with an audience of over 90 million monthly US visitors.

What did Yahoo change its name to?

Don't worry, Mom. Yahoo is not changing its name to Altaba. Contrary to some news reports on Monday, only the part of Yahoo that is not being sold to Verizon will be renamed “Altaba”. In addition, Yahoo's CEO, Marissa Mayer, is to step down from its board, but will continue to be CEO.

Where does Yahoo Finance get their data?

Company profile data provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence. Top institutional and mutual fund holders provided by International historical chart data and daily updates provided by Morningstar. Corporate governance scores provided by Institutional Shareholder Services.

Is Yahoo Finance reliable for historical data?

Yahoo Finance does not maintain data on its own. It passes on data from other sources, most of which are considered highly reliable. Go to a company page on YF and scroll all the way to the bottom. On the right you will see a link for “Data Disclaimer”.

Does Yahoo own Yahoo Finance?

Finance is a media property that is part of the Yahoo! network. It provides financial news, data and commentary including stock quotes, press releases, financial reports, and original content.

Who is Seeking Alpha owned by?

Seeking Alpha was founded in 2004 by David Jackson, a former technology analyst at Morgan Stanley. After leaving Morgan Stanley, Jackson began writing articles providing analysis on tech stocks. He eventually launched Seeking Alpha as a platform for sharing investment research and ideas.

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