Where does Yahoo Finance source its data? (2024)

Where does Yahoo Finance source its data?


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Where does Yahoo Finance get their data?

Company profile data provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence. Top institutional and mutual fund holders provided by Vickers-stock.com. International historical chart data and daily updates provided by Morningstar. Corporate governance scores provided by Institutional Shareholder Services.

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Is Yahoo Finance stock data accurate?

Yahoo Finance offers accurate and timely data on basic stock information like price, volume, market cap, earnings, dividends, basic ratios, analyst ratings and news. However, the data lacks depth and is not vetted for performance.

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Does Yahoo Finance give live data?

Yahoo Finance provides real-time streaming quotes for many exchanges. Real-time data is available during an exchange's market hours, and in some cases during pre-market and post-market hours. However, not all markets will stream in real-time.

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Does Yahoo Finance have historical data?

You can view historical price, dividend, and split data for most quotes in Yahoo Finance to forecast the future of a company or gain market insight. Historical data can be downloaded as a CSV file to be used offline, which you can open with Excel or a similar program.

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How does Yahoo collect data?

Your device's IP address is sent to Yahoo whenever you interact with one of our Products or Services . Third parties may also receive and pass your IP address to us when you interact with their products.

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Where does Google Finance get data from?

Exchanges. End of day prices provided by Morningstar. Corporate actions and company metadata provided by Refinitiv. Intra-day data may be provided by ICE Data Services.

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Can Yahoo Finance be trusted?

It is not very reliable. Although not 100% accurate I find HL a better - just in case you are looking for an alternative. You do not necessarily need to have an account but can set up a watch list and monitor.

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Why was Yahoo Finance discontinued?

The official Yahoo Finance API was shut down by Yahoo in 2017 due to widespread abuse against their terms of service. The API was designed to be used internally among Yahoo's own properties and was never officially published for external use.

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Why is Yahoo Finance credible?

Yahoo Finance utilizes professional market data services for its real-time and 15-minute delayed stock quotes. The quotes feed should be considered highly reliable as they come directly from reputable financial data providers.

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How far back does Yahoo Finance data go?

Additionally, a web resource for historic stock prices is Yahoo Finance (Stock Prices) - http://finance.yahoo.com/ . Stock prices go back to the 1070s. Begin by doing a search using the ticker symbol, then choose "Historical Prices" from the blue bar on the left; choose daily, weekly, or monthly data.

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Is Yahoo Finance an API?

The API offers a range of endpoints that allow you to access data in various formats such as JSON, CSV, and XML. Yahoo Finance API is widely used by financial analysts, traders, and data scientists to retrieve financial data for analysis and modeling.

Where does Yahoo Finance source its data? (2024)
Can I use Yahoo Finance data for research?

Anyways, Yahoo Finance is a free source. I'm familiar with their financial data offerings, and i can tell you that it good for many applications. You can use it for research purposes. The only limitation is the accuracy, but it's free and the quality is not that bad.

Why can't I download S&P 500 historical data from Yahoo Finance?

This is most likely caused by licensing terms between Yahoo and the particular stock exchange or index provider. Unfortunately this currently (2023) applies to some of the most popular stock indices, including S&P500 (^GSPC) and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI).

What is the 20 year average return on the S&P 500?

The historical average yearly return of the S&P 500 is 9.74% over the last 20 years, as of the end of February 2024. This assumes dividends are reinvested.

What is Yahoo Finance known for?

Yahoo Finance delivers hours of live, daily market coverage, with expert analysis and real-time market data right in the app. It's the place for insight-driven investors, financial professionals and business leaders who take their money seriously.

Who owns Yahoo?

(/ˈjɑːhuː/, styled yahoo! in its logo) is an American web services provider. It is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, and operated by the namesake company Yahoo! Inc., which is 90% owned by investment funds managed by Apollo Global Management and 10% by Verizon Communications.

How big is the Yahoo data breach?

The hackers had obtained data from over 500 million user accounts, including account names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, hashed passwords, and in some cases, encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers through manipulated web cookies.

Does GOOGLEFINANCE pull real-time data?

The GOOGLEFINANCE formula gives 15-min delayed stock prices. Get real-time stock prices into Google Sheets using the STOCKDATA formula.


Yes, Google Finance pulls its data from a variety of reliable sources, including: Exchanges: Google Finance gets real-time stock prices and other market data from exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Nasdaq Stock Market.

Can Excel pull data from GOOGLEFINANCE?

In the Get External Data section of Excel, choose the 'From Web' option to initiate the process of importing stock prices from Google Finance. This action opens up a pathway for users to seamlessly extract real-time stock data from an online source directly into their Excel spreadsheets.

What site is better than Yahoo Finance?

Google Finance is a notable free service alternative, offering real-time stock quotes, news, and portfolio tracking tools. Other similar platforms include Investing.com and MarketWatch, both of which provide a wealth of financial information and market news.

What is the difference between Google Finance and Yahoo Finance?

Yahoo Finance and Google Finance offer valuable resources for investors, but the choice ultimately depends on your preferences and needs. Yahoo Finance is a comprehensive hub with extensive news coverage and analytical tools, suitable for investors looking for a detailed financial experience.

Is Yahoo Finance discontinued?

The Yahoo Finance API, which includes the Yahoo Finance app and Yahoo Finance My Portfolio, has been discontinued. As a result, users will need to locate a substitute API to cater to their financial data requirements.

Who bought Yahoo Finance?

With the close of the transaction, Yahoo will now operate as a standalone company under Apollo Funds. Verizon has retained a 10% stake in Yahoo.

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